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Static Website Designing at Resistive Technosource is designed by our experienced designers which are highly appreciated in the market for its user-friendly design, professional look and cost-effectiveness.

Usually, the purpose of Static Website Designing is to provide information to the consumers and the audience about the products, services and events but their contents are fixed and every visitor of the site gets the same information. The reason behind it is very simple, these websites pages have fixed HTML code and their content cannot be changed until it is done manually by the designer.

Furthermore, static websites doesn't contain admin section that we normally provide in Dynamic Websites. Moreover, static websites doesn't have the feature of database interaction, as its purpose is to simply target the audience to make them aware about the products and services of the company. Static Designing works well for smaller websites with few content updates and short life span. But for big websites, where content needs to be changed regularly, dynamic website is preferred over Static Websites.

The pages of static websites are stored in a file system and made available o ver HTTP by web server. Static Websites are taking into the consideration when the contents are rarely or never need to be updated. The best example is the websites regarding the information about the different species of animals, birds, flies, etc.

Apart from all explanations, here are the benefits of Static Website Design:-

  • ✔ Easy creating and hosting
  • ✔ Quick Design and simple build
  • ✔ Budget friendly
  • ✔ Easy modification for little changes through HTML coding
  • ✔ Suitable for smaller companies where content updates do not matter

Service for Static Website Designing is rendered by expert designers as per the specifications of the clients and our clients can avail this offered service from us at very nominal prices.