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Embedded based project development & Training


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Embedded based project development heavily relies on microcontrollers. Most of the electronic devices are based on the concept of embedded systems are very often and commonly used now days.

Embedded systems are dedicated to handle specific tasks with reliability and performance; it ranges from portable devices like MP3 players, voice recognition control for operating electronic devices to big stationary installations such as factory controllers, hybrid vehicles, avionics, traffic lights, MRI and many more.

Embedded system is basically a machine oriented programming that allows us to make perform some well-defined tasks from machines.

To meet the latest market challenges, Resistive Technosource is ready to deliver the quality embedded based development to the market as we want to establish ourselves as an ace developers for this domain.

Our teams of creative and talented engineers are dedicated to deliver the quality with cent percent clients' satisfaction.Embedded systems developed by us are reliable, result-oriented and cost-effective.

For more information and guidance related to project development, Embedded Tutorial, Project List & related Coding help and hardware required for interfacing with 8050,AVR, PIC and ARM Mcu, just Send the Enquiry