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Android project development & Training


ANDROID is an open-source technology from GOOGLE that powers millions of mobile devlices across the world. It is basically a mobile operating system and

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based on Linux kernel with a UI (user-interface) designed especially for touch screen devices. ANDROID mobile applications are developed in JAVA programming language and its IDE such as ECLIPSE using ANDROID Software Development Kit. However, other tools are also available in the market used for ANDROID applications development.

Due to its popularity, it has become one of the most booming development area and first choice for programmers. Since ANDROID is introduced, many well-reputed organizations, websites and enterprises are adopting mobile applications for their business and websites. For most promising career in the field of applications development, it is grabbing everyones attention towards it as it assures the most promising careers to the developers and learners.

Well, why to choose ANDROID? The answer to this question is lies in its features. So, here we are mentioning some key features which give the reason to join ANDROID

  • • Rapid Application development, as it SDK contains huge set of built-in-libraries which offers programmers to develop applications with an ease.
  • • ANDROID is Object-Oriented.
  • • It is an Open-Source, hence its free.
  • • ANDROID offers Multitasking.
  • • ANDROID OS supports Multi-touch.
  • • ANDROID gives the functionality of Messaging.
  • • ANDROID offers to develop apps for Video calling.
  • • ANDROID supports many national and international languages, thus one can say it is multiple language support operating system.
  • • ANDROID provides Accessibility.
  • • ANDROID offers Connectivity via Bluetooth, tethering etc for file sharing.
  • • ANDROID provides Streaming Media Support, and many more.