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AUTOMATION is widely used in various control systems for operating different types of equipments such as process in factories, switching in telephone networks, machinery, stabilization of ships, aircraft and various other applications with minimal human intervention, but some of the processes can be completely automated.

AUTOMATION reduces human efforts, thus saves time and labour and improves precision with quality. By the means of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electronics and computers or in combination, AUTOMATION can be achieved. Combinations usually used in complicated systems such as ships, modern factories and airplanes.

PLC expands for PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROL and is used for automating the electromechanical processes. It consists of the sets of Input and Output devices in which signals are generated by the input devices which further control the output devices. PLCs are widely used to control different machinery like light fixtures, factory assembly line in various industries. In current times, PLC is in great demand in automotive sector.

SCADA expands for SUPERVISORY CONTROL AND DATA ACQUISITION; it is software that is highly used in various industries. SCADA is used to control remote equipment in various industries with the help of coded signals over communications channels. SCADA is used in various industries such as Oil and Gas refineries, telecommunication, energy transport etc.

Here we are listing important benefits of using PLC and SCADA in Industries are:

  • PLC is designed with the combinations of multiple I/O arrangements.
  • PLC is extensively used for extended temperature ranges.
  • PLC is used to reduce electrical noise & resistance to impact and vibration.
  • SCADA is used in various industries on a large scale.
  • � With the help of SCADA, real time data can be easily analyzed.
  • � During hazardous scenarios, SCADA acts as alarming bells.