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Software QA & Testing


Software testing is a kind of investigation about the productivity, performance and overall quality of the particular system. Testing at Resistive Technosource is done with an aim to deliver the flawless software system with no lags. Whenever we talk about the software with smooth performance, testing comes into the action. Moving through the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), testing just comes before the final implementation of the system or software.

The main objective of testing is to test the overall performance of the system or software in terms of the important factors like does it fulfill the requirement of the user?, what input it takes, what output it gives, whether the output produced is relevant to our required information, what would be the reliability of the system if load gets doubled and the future scope for the improvement and maintenance.

Banking on the skills of the our software engineers, we assure our clients that the software tested at Resistive Technosource will improves the performance of your software, as it will give the better performance and smoothes your work operations without any hassle or trouble.

We used manual as well as tool based testing for carrying out the testing of different types of systems and software's.

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